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Web design::

Global business and executive coach


Mary Taylor is an accredited business and executive coach for ultra-successful individuals, boards, businesses and non-profits, with bases in London, New York and Rome.


Mary has come with a very tight deadline due to the fact her existing website developer had abandoned her website redesign project leaving its broken carcass visible to any visitors.

She also had a precise vision of what she wanted and admitted immediately she would not accept anything less than perfection.


I have recognised the pressing nature of the project and noted that Mary’s design, while visually excellent, could benefit from some fine-tuning by a tech-oriented person. This fine-tuning would include SEO optimisation for both the website structure and its copy.

I have also realised Mary’s business had no online presence as her black book was already overflowing with high-profile clients. As Mary is an excellent problem-solver, this meant she was sometimes losing time between one satisfied client’s departure and another’s entry.


I have immediately requested login details for the website admin panel and installed an “Under Construction” cover to protect Mary’s reputation.

I have then sat down with Mary to map out the website structure and plan our work.

Mary and I have then created the website together, during the series of working consultations. She was happy with the amount of creative control that gave her, and I was happy with the website statistics and performance as it improved Mary’s ppc results.

We have created a great contact form and linked it throughout the website as Mary wanted more control over her appointments than a calendar app would give her. In addition, Mary let herself be convinced to share her brand of genius with the world and improve her website SEO rankings in the process. If you’re curious about her content, you can view her videos on her website. or, you can book your consultation with me straight away to see what I can do for you.

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Karo Karel::

I’d prefer to talk about you, if I’m honest

Hi, I’m Karo. I have been working with disruptive technology for more than 15 years and use my expertise with all things digital to help your business reach new heights.

I pride myself on my genuine interest in you and your goals. Please connect with me on Social Media, take a look at my services below, read more about me or book your free consultation immediately to see what I can do to help.

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