Hi, I’m Karolina

Friends call me Karo

I’m passionate about my business, because it’s all about helping your business shine. I use my considerable experience with languages and knowledge of web development to make sure your website is not only beautiful, but also that it does what it’s meant to do. This means working closely with you on your goals for your business and helping you achieve them by building your website with your goals in mind, organising or supplementing your content efforts and helping clients find you online.

I like to get really invested in my clients and I only hire those who do so, too.

I have been working with disruptive technology and languages for more than 15 years. I graduated from London Metropolitan University with a BA and MA in Applied Translation. Later, I completed several specialised courses in digital marketing, positive psychology, and meta-learning amongst others. Currently, I’m broadening my knowledge on SEO and neural networks.

I pride myself on being heart-aligned in business, which for me means making sure not only your business has all it needs to succeed, but you do, too.

Some of my credentials

I’m passionate about professional development, continuous learning and improvement. One of my favourite methods is Kaizen, and in particular its concept of constant improvement via incremental changes. All feedback is welcomed as I’m always looking for new ways to grow.

Content Strategy for Professionals Specialisation

Northwestern University

Digital Marketing Specialisation

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization

UC Davis

Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialisation

University of Pennsylvania

Google Academy for Ads Qualifications



MA Applied Translation

BA (Hons) Translation

London Metropolitan University

  • Engaging Audiences (100%)
  • Managing Content (100%)
  • Expanding Your Content’s Reach (100%)
  • Ensuring Your Content’s Impact (100%)
  • Content Strategy Capstone Project (100%)
  • Marketing in a Digital World (98.5%)
  • Digital Marketing Analytics in Theory (98.8%)
  • Digital Marketing Analytics in Practice (98.1%)
  • Digital Marketing Channels: The Landscape (100%)
  • Digital Marketing Channels: Planning (98.6%)
  • Marketing in an Analog World (99.27%)
  • Digital Marketing Specialisation Project (100%)
  • Introduction to Google SEO (100%)
  • Google SEO Fundamentals (100%)
  • Optimizing a Website for Google Search (100%)
  • Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO (100%)
  • Google SEO Capstone Project (in progress)
  • Martin E. P. Seligman’s Visionary Science (100%)
  • Applications and Interventions (100%)
  • Character, Grit and Research Methods (100%)
  • Resilience Skills (100%)
  • Positive Psychology Specialization Project (100%)

These certificates are renewed periodically

  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (91%)
  • Digital Sales Certification (96%)


You can’t beat a great degree in communications. Some modules of interest include:

  • The Translator and Cultural Knowledge (74%)
  • Language and Structure (79%)
  • Language and Society (75%)








Happy clients

Frequently Asked Questions::

How much do you charge?

It depends on the scope of the project and other factors like speed or add-ons. For example, a website costs differs from the cost of monthly SEO and content marketing care. My prices start with £2.000 for a website and £1.000 pcm for monthly SEO and marketing packages. I also offer a free consultation at the beginning, so we can have a chat and see what you need.

Will I be able to edit my website myself?

The short answer is, yes – if you’d like. I typically work with WordPress and often use Divi for projects. This means you will not only be able to change the text of your website, but also add sections and change the layout. Can I be honest with you, though? I really think you should focus on the core of your business and go for my managed hosting instead. I can also train your team, if you’d prefer.

Can you support my Team?

Yes, and with pleasure! I enjoy working with a variety of professionals and see no issue in giving as much free advice as I possibly can. We can arrange training in marketing, SEO and website updates so you can post your content yourself, should you wish to do so.

Can you help me with something else?

I can. Even if you wanted a service I don’t typically provide, like website localisation for example, I will always direct you to a great colleague who can help or I can manage the project for you if this is your preference.

Could I pay you in installments?

Yes! I like to be really flexible and work with you, not against you. Since I would really like for your business to be successful, it wouldn’t make sense for me to be restrictive.

How can I pay you?

I like to be flexible, so whatever payment method you have in mind, I can get along with – if it works in Europe that is.